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The Norman Lockyer Observatory Society has a membership of around 300, covering a wide range of ages and backgrounds. It exists in part to further the members' interests in astronomy, science & education in general and to give them access to a number of telescopes, historic and modern, here at the Observatory.
It also exists to keep the Observatory operating, to maintain and develop these facilities and to be able to open the observatory to the public.
The first weekend in the summer at the end of the Sidmouth Folk Festival, the Society presents the annual South West Astronomy Fair, with distinguished lecturers and marquees of trade stands along with telescope tours and planetarium presentations.The observatory is run, maintained and funded soley by public open days , evenings and events.
Completely manned by members who are avid astronomers and like to help keep this historical site operating. We have no out side funding from government or local councils, we do obtain donations and occasionally we are left some funds by past members who really care for the society.

We are a registered charity. No


We have many interest groups such as Observers, Astro imaging, Radio meteor detection & SID's, History, Meteorology, Amateur radio, Astro scouts ( for the younger astronomers )

Each group meet reglary on a Friday evening every week throughout the year when the weather is just right then you will see many many personal telescopes set up in the grounds the imaging group image deep space and our solar system, the observers take time to study constellations and any comets that might be around and generally scour the heavens