The CG5 mount is more than capable of autoguiding for 5 min exposures or more, providing you follow the correct setup proceedure.

is critical

is critical

will ensure an even better imaging session.

A word about the 4.16 HC update.
I cannot get this upgrade to work properly on my particular mount, I will install it and it will work once or twice then it goes all to pot, alignment stars are no were near the finder scope let alone the eyepiece one night I had vega as an alignment star and it went in the opposite direct facing at the floor.

I tried this countless times and every time it would work once, twice that's it so I reverted back to 4.13 and it works perfectly.

The main thing I found was the scopes critical balance setup with your cameras, I have mine set to slightly top heavy i.e the tube and cameras not too much but just enough to be slightly top heavy. I point the mount north then peer through the polar scope and align polaris in the tiny circle then I go do an onboard two star alignment and then a polar alignment.

This I have found using PHDGuiding gives me at least 5min exposures.

When you change from one side of the meridian to the other you will need to recheck the guiding and more than likely you will need to re calibrate. I always check if I slew along way from the last position.

For example I split the sky into quadrants, x 4 and each time I visit an quadrant I re check guiding and re calibrate if needed.

The mount is not a top end mount and has alot of issues regarding backlash and PE but this mount is a very capable mount for the beginner wanting to start imaging.

The manual isn't full of text for the fun off it! read it and learn from it, it has very useful information that will help.


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