Be aware of CTT's
(Cheap Tacky Telescopes!)

Hello, an introduction to buying a telescope.
For observing the Moon & the planets, such as Jupiter & Saturn
the minimum mirror or lens
size needs to be 4inches,(114mm). anything less than this
will only show you the moons crators and will have limitations.

By magnifying with higher eyepieces you are also
magnifying the atmosphere and the image starts to distort.
There are many telescopes for sale much of them are
cheap and inferior, these are fine if you don't want
to be serious about learning astronomy .

My reccomendations are, a 4inch and upwards, lens or mirror,
will give you much more pleasure,
also don't be fooled into
thinking you will see deep space with smaller telescopes,
although it is possible to image some fine deep space objects,
with the right kind of telescope & camera
inexpensively, the moon is an excellent and fascinating target.
If you don't have a camera to start with.
Then why not sketch the moons crators,
rills, and mountain ranges, you will be amazed at

what you can see once you start to observe


see my HD moonscape video on youtube

For casual observations you don't need a telescope that has tracking motors,
but if you want it to stay on an object for a few minutes or more
then you will need to concider a tracking telescope.
These are not too exspensive they
start from a reasonable price and you can easily
set these up to track with the moon & the planets

also see my getting started in imaging page
here I explain how you can simply get started
with a setup costing less than £200.00 (excluding laptop/PC)
and using a simple 4 inch single motor tracking telescope.


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